Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

Penampakan Hantu Ikan duyung yang cantik

This article speculates about the possibility of unidentified creatures that inhabit the southern seas, and this includes Google Maps screenshot that shows what looks like a Ningen in the South Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Namibia.

Until now, there is no strong evidence has been presented to confirm the presence of Ningen. The government is believed to keep detailed records of sightings, but they have released no information to the public and has been reported eyewitnesses told to remain silent.

Ningen sightings seem to occur most frequently at night, making them more difficult to photograph. On still images, marine cryptids usually just looks like an iceberg, though it is said that they are subtle, such as human skin can be seen when the photos are enlarged.

In any case, there are no photographs to convince the public that has been done, either because they do not exist or because, as some argue, the government does not want to invite undue surveillance and tarnishing the reputation of scientific whale research program....